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At Citizens Capital, we believe that it is important to “Custom Tailor” our financial transactions to each of our client’s individual needs.  The following structures are just a few of the flexible payment schedules that Citizens Capital offers:

Standard Lease

For the traditionalists, the length of the loan can range from 24 to 72 months.  This transaction can be structured so the client takes ownership of the equipment after the loan term.  End of term lease options we offer is $1.00 buyout (Capital Lease), 10% buyout (10% PUT), and Fair Market Value (FMV or Tax Lease).

Equipment Finance Agreement


An EFA is an installment loan used to purchase equipment like it's a sales contract. The term of the loan is variable, typically at four or five years, and can be paid off at any time without a prepayment penalty. For additional leasing and financing options, please see our programs list.

Master Lease 

Our most popular lease option.  This type of transaction should be utilized when either several pieces of equipment are being purchased at different times, or to lock in a low fixed rate and when the appropriate equipment is located, the funds are immediately available.  Being pre-approved can aid in the price negotiations between your company and the prospective vendor.

High Limit Equipment Loan Programs 

This is where we separate ourselves from other companies. Our application only limits are up to $350,000 on most equipment, and up to $500,000 on Machine Tool, Packaging, Food Processing, Woodworking, and Plastics Equipment. This means we can fund up to $500,000 with no tax returns. We can fund up to $25,000,000 with a financial package per customer. We are not bank regulated, so we can approve transactions your bank cannot and for comparable rates.

Working Capital

For company’s who need money for day to day operations, payroll, leasehold improvements, marketing, paying off existing debt, consolidate debt or any other use to improve your business’s cash flow.

Machine in Factory

Quarterly, Bi-Annual, Annual Payments

If your company is like most, you experience lower revenues during a certain time of the year.  This payment structure will allow for payments to decrease as low as $100 per month during these slow months.  This program is designed to help in your company’s cash flow and still acquire the necessary equipment needed to maintain your company’s productivity.

90- Day Deferred Payments

Your company can benefit from a 90-day window before the first payment is due.  This payment schedule is often used when the purchased equipment has a learning or training process before maximum revenues can be reached.

$0 Down

Most equipment loans and leases require a first and last month’s payment prior to commencement. We have zero down programs for our creditworthy clients

Start-Up Businesses Accepted

If your company is just getting started and needs capital for equipment, we are able to assist with up to $100,000. While most banks have a zero start up business funding policy, we say yes to creditworthy clients in need of equipment financing for their startup.

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